Week 4: Getting Into The Action

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This week I was researching new ways to screencast. My screencast last week was good, but not enough to be called perfect. So, the job that I assigned myself was to find more efficient ways to screencast and better understand it. I found an incredibly good website that would help me out in the screen casting process. This website gives a great amount of detail on other screencasting applications. The author of that blog even stated different types of softwares that are really good and some others that aren’t. Also during the week, I helped Ms. Graham getting on to airplay. Then, with Mrs. Scheffer’s help, I was able to find Ms. Graham’s airplay password and she was successfully able to connect her iPad to her MacBook Pro. Another activity that I did was help a student with a loading problem on their iPad. It was an easy problem to solve as the only thing I needed to do was turn the iPad on and off. The student later said that he was able to get onto the apple store and download Google Drive. Another activity everyone did this week was reflect on their own behaviors. We discussed exactly how everyone should focus on their own work ethic and what the proper attitude should be when in class. Everyone was working on editing a movie that was made by TJ Horgan. Finally, my original goal of the week, which was to develop greater screencasting knowledge, was fully completed without any errors.


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